Each child who learns about the humane treatment of animals is a walking ambassador for kindness to all living beings.
North Country Animal League’s Humane Education Program is designed to teach children about compassion and kindness to all living beings.
This is accomplished through:


The READ Program

An NCAL volunteer and our therapy dogs go into numerous area schools where children sign up to read to the dogs for 15 minutes. The dogs are wonderful listeners and are very non-judgmental, helping those with reading problems to be less inhibited when reading aloud.
Children learn how to be gentle with the animals and ask many questions about their care.


Bite Prevention and Basic Care Presentations

NCAL’s Educational Director gives presentations to school and community groups, like the Girl and Boy Scouts, 4-H, birthday parties and classrooms on these topics.



Many groups come to the shelter to learn about animal care and to see how NCAL cares for and finds homes for our orphaned animals.


Story Hour

Periodically, NCAL hosts a story hour for children and their parents. The book read is about an animal. Often the type of animal is present for the reading. Snacks are coordinated to go along with the story. For instance, once the book was about a Billy goat. A goat was present and the children tasted goat’s milk and cheese.