About Dixie

This gorgeous green-eyed senior came to NCAL after having a difficult time living with young children. She was not tolerating the stress very well as she is a sensitive girl who requires a calmer setting. While she enjoys receiving treats and head scratches from people, Dixie can also be quite independent. She is looking for a quiet environment, ideally without other animals or children present. She was declawed at some point in her life and this can make her a bit sassy at times when she feels threatened and not as capable of defending herself. You can learn more about the effects of declawing here. For her safety, because she is declawed she should strictly be an indoor cat. Dixie’s adoption fees are sponsored by Pro Nature Pet Pals through Pet Food Warehouse

Other History

Dogs: Would do best in a home without dogs
Cats: Would do best in a home without other cats
Children: Lived with young children before and developed some symptoms of stress when they were present – a household without young children would be ideal

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