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Microchipping Can Make The Difference Between Lost & Found!


NCAL is arranging a drop-in Chip & Clip Clinic for your pets on February 24th from noon to 3pm. While both microchipping and having their nails clipped are simple interventions, they are very important for the safety of your furry friends. 

There are more reported cases of lost animals in the winter and having them microchipped can be a life saver in urgent situations! Clipping your dog’s and cat’s nails is also especially important in winter because the snow and ice does not wear them down as they normally would. It also helps them maintain better grip in the snow and limits salt and other harsh substances from getting stuck in their paws.

$25 for Microchip and registration
$10 for Toe Nail Clip
$30 for Both

* Please remember to have dogs on leashes and cats in carriers!


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