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Foster Care


Thank you for thinking about sharing your home with our dogs or cats!

Occasionally, we have the need for dedicated foster homes to help us care for mothering cats with kittens, dogs with puppies, or orphaned animals. Mothering dogs and cats need a place where they can feel safe and secure while they care for their babies. Young kittens and puppies take a lot of patience and care to see them through to adulthood. They all need play time, rest time, a healthy diet (which includes a high-quality food and plenty of fresh water), and regular veterinary care. All of these things contribute to raising a healthy, happy, well-adjusted animal. By fostering infant kittens and puppies you can help them get a good start in life.

If you have an interest in fostering animals at NCAL, we can make it easy for you!  We will provide everything you need except the love and cuddles. That’s where you come in. Please download the application (below), and send it to info@ncal.com after completing. Someone from our team will call you to plan a site visit when the need arises. If you have any questions about NCAL’s foster program, please call us at 888-5065 X 101.

Download the Foster Application