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Pony Club Sessions will be offered:

January-March | April-June | July-August | September-November

The NCAL Equine Center is now operating as an official Pony Club Riding Center. We are thrilled to offer Pony Club in addition to our traditional programs. The United States Pony Club (USPC) foundations are centered around education, safety, and sportsmanship where members learn both riding and horse management skills through participation in mounted and unmounted activities. The core values of the USPC align well with NCAL’s mission to promote compassionate and responsible relationships between humans and animals.

Pony Club activities will be offered year-round at the Equine Center, and are geared towards riders who are passionate about their involvement with horses and focused on long-term goals within the equine world. Pony Club is a great next step for those who have already begun their riding & horse management education through a lesson program and now want the challenge of focused skill development through the USPC Standards of Proficiency and Ratings. NCAL’s Equine Center USPC programs will include opportunities for group riding lessons, and horse management activities all focused on developing the skills necessary to advance through the USPC levels. The Pony Club program utilizes a Rating system as members progress through the certifications in both riding and horse management skills. We encourage you to visit the Pony Club website to learn more about the organization and the opportunities available for members. Participation in Pony Club programs and activities does require current membership with the USPC. Please email for more information and to join the USPC.

North Country Animal League Central Vermont

USPC Achievement Badge Program


This is perfect for members focused on growing their skills both in and out of the saddle. Pony Club lessons emphasize the skills required for USPC Ratings while developing safe and confident riders. Registration includes a weekly riding lesson, and weekly 3 hour horse management session.

$975/session we can also offer a monthly payment option of $350/month (July-August registration is $650).


This option is available for any member. And is the perfect starting point for any participants working towards independence and safety in a group riding lesson. The horse management option includes a weekly 3 hour horse management session geared towards learning the knowledge and skills necessary for advancement in the USPC Horse Management ratings.

$350/session, or a monthly payment option of $125/month (July-August registration is $250).