Education and Tours

NCAL believes that by teaching people compassion and empathy for all living things we can prevent the needless suffering and abuse of animals for generations to come. At NCAL, we offer innovative ways for children and young adults to become involved with animal welfare by giving them the chance to learn about and interact one-on-one with our animals.

Visits to the shelter by schools and youth groups provide an excellent opportunity to educate young people about the importance of rescue, adoption, and spay/neuter. We also provide shelter tours for those who are interested in learning more about NCAL and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our education programs or to arrange a tour.

School Visits

At NCAL, we offer to bring humane education right into the schools as a way to get children and young adults involved with animal welfare. If your classroom or school is interested in learning more about animal welfare, would like to set up a presentation, or partner on a project, please call us at (802) 888-5065 x 106 or email

Reading Buddies

NCAL Reading Buddies program was created to help our shelter dogs and cats become more adoptable, while fostering empathy and compassion in children. Reading to the animals helps to bring them comfort, and reduces the anxiety they may experience from being in a shelter environment. Children learn empathy and compassion towards animals while developing their reading skills.

Children interested in becoming a Reading Buddy must and attend a 90-minute Reading Buddies training with an adult. Participants will then be given a schedule of available reading hours and can come read to the animals for as little or as long as they would like during these designated hours. Reading times are available 5 days a week. Preregistration required for Trainings: Limited space available.

For more information about the Reading Buddies program, or to register for an upcoming training session, click here!

Shelter Tours

NCAL invites groups to come to the shelter to learn about animal care and to see how NCAL cares for and finds homes for our orphaned animals. If you are a youth group leader and are interested in bringing your group to NCAL to learn more about what goes on behind-the-scenes, we invite you to call us at (802) 888-5065, or email


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