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• What acts are allowed to enter?
– Acts of all ages, group size, and abilities are welcome to enter. This is a family-friendly event and therefore acts must be family friendly.

• How much does it cost to enter?
– All entrants must meet the $250 entrance fee to enter their act. This will be supported by North Country Animal League and may be done by crowdfunding via a Panorama platform.

• When are entry fees due?
– Entry fees must be crowdfunded and met by the video submission deadline of April 15, 2021.

• How do I fundraise for my entry fee?
– From the registration page, click the button to register which will lead you to the event’s Panorama fundraising page and follow the instructions to get started. It’s easy to spread the word and raise your entry fee for the animals!

• What if I don’t reach my fundraising goal?
– NCAL is here to support you in meeting your fundraising goal. If you have any questions, please email
info@ncal.com. All fundraising is considered a donation and thus is non-refundable.

• What if I exceed my fundraising goal?
– You can set a limit on your fundraising goal on the fundraising platform so your donors know how much more you need to reach your goal. You can stop donations after your goal is met, or choose to continue fundraising for the animals!

• What are the Video Requirements?
– 2.5-minute videos will be entered to a secure dropbox link. Video submissions can be in any video format, but .mov, .mp4 are best. Submissions should follow file naming convention: NAMEOFAPPLICANT_DateSubmitted

• What if I’m not on social media?
– Not on social media? No problem! You can spread the word via email or person-to-person. Kids who do not have a social media account may choose to have their parents help share their fundraising page on their own social media and spread the word about the important work their kids are doing to raise money for the animals!

• What if I receive checks or cash donations toward my entry fee?
– You can submit cash or check donations to North Country Animal League and your donations will be entered on your fundraising page. Make sure checks are made out to North Country Animal League (not to you personally) so your donors will receive a receipt of their donation! You can also add cash and check donations to your fundraising total in the Fundraising Hub (but be sure to let NCAL know that these funds have already been accounted for when you send them the cash/checks to avoid double entries. Step-by-step instructions available here.

• Are entry fees tax deductible?
– Donations toward your entry fee are tax deductible by the full extent of the law.

• Will donors to my entry fee receive a tax receipt for their donation?
– Yes, you will be prompted by Panorama to send email acknowledgements which have the tax receipt language already incorporated into them.

• Can I enter multiple times?
– Want to enter multiple times? Go for it! Just submit a new entry form for each category!

• How are the winners chosen?
– 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are chosen during the live stream event by viewer’s choice and will be announced at the end of the event.

• What do winners receive?
– 1st place winner(s) receive a cash prize of $1,000, 2nd place winner(s) receive a cash prize of $500, 3rd place winner(s) receive a cash prize of $250

• If my act is a group act and we win, how will the prize money be distributed?
– If you are in a group act and you win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the competition, your prize money will be sent to your delegated team captain to be distributed accordingly.

• Who do I contact if I need fundraising support?
– If you have any questions about fundraising or meeting your entry fee, please email info@ncal.com.

• Who do I contact if I have questions about video submission?
– If you have any questions about video submissions or technical requirements, please email info@ncal.com.

• Who do I contact about sponsorship opportunities?
– Interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for Raise the Woof? Please contact tracy@ncal.com.

• Are my entry fee donations refundable if I do not choose to participate?
– All funds raised through our fundraising platform, Panorama, are considered donations and are therefore non refundable if an entrant chooses not to participate in the event after registration.