Romeo is a happy-go-lucky, loving, young pup who came to NCAL after being rescued from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. Prior to being surrendered to that shelter, Romeo had been attacked by another dog and had suffered a terrible injury to his right eye causing damage to his cornea and a terrible wound. his owners could not afford his medical treatment and surrendered him to a local shelter. With such injuries, Romeo’s chances of survival at the shelter were slim. Our rescue partners found him suffering in the overpopulated shelter and sprung him, knowing that he would have a chance if they could get him to North Country Animal League in Vermont.

Romeo underwent eye surgery in South Carolina and a day later was on his way to us in Vermont – and another chance at life. Romeo arrived at NCAL after a 16-hour journey in a small kennel – the underground railroad of animal rescue – and Romeo’s eye was once again in bad shape. His sutures had come out during the long trip and his eye had become infected. Another surgery was imminent and thankfully for NCAL’s Emergency Medical Fund we were able to act quickly.

During Romeo’s recovery from his second surgery, he developed another painful condition called entropion (an eye condition in which the eyelid folds inward and causes discomfort as the eyelashes continuously rub against the cornea). Right when we thought Romeo was on the mend, he was once again facing yet another surgery.

It has now been two months since Romeo’s arrival to NCAL, and this sweet boy is finally ready to find his forever home. Despite the pain he has endured and his chance for adoption being delayed due to his medical treatment and recovery, Romeo has remained in high spirits throughout. It’s as if he knows that he has been rescued.


Your support directly helps to provide dogs like Romeo with a second chance. The funds you raise by walking for Mutt Strutt allow us to welcome more dogs like Romeo through our doors and provide them with the life-saving medical treatment, shelter, and care they need to go on to live a fulfilling life and to go on doing what dogs do best…LOVE.