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At NCAL we try our best to provide a loving, safe and nurturing space for each and every animal that comes through our doors. Be that as it may, the shelter environment can understandably be a stressful space for many of them. So when an animal takes some time to adjust and seems introverted in the beginning, all the staff here know that once they go home, even the shyest wallflower can blossom into a completely different but wonderful individual. Nori is one of these many examples:

“Hi! We adopted our cat, Nori (formerly Lee Lee) from you last year, and could not be happier! 

She was so shy at the shelter that we were worried she’d never come out of her shell. Well, that didn’t last long! She settled in a week later and continues to impress us and make us fall more and more in love with her. 

She loves belly rubs, playing in boxes, and snuggling in bed. She now has a little brother, Miso. We weren’t sure how she’d do with other cats, but she has whole heartedly accepted Miso and they love playing, snuggling, and grooming each other. Here’s a photo of them! 

We’re so happy with our decision to adopt Nori from NCAL. Thank you!” 

-Laura and Kyler Star