In the wake of the terrible horse killing in Barre last fall, Vermont bills seek to enact stronger penalties in regards to animal cruelty and neglect, which would enable law enforcement to effectively intervene and enforce current laws. Those who have had the misfortune of experiencing cruelty and neglect first hand are in agreement that the overall tolerance level for these acts must be lowered, along with the standard for prosecution.

Aside from enacting stronger penalties there are multiple pieces of legislation addressing the specific issues of abandonment and shelter. Focused on revising “existing ordinances on what sort of shelter dog and cat owners must provide their pets” bill H.218 “touches upon requirements having to do with adequate water for pets.” Another would make it “illegal for owners to abandon their pets, and would prohibit animal shelters from euthanizing animals through any means other than injection of euthanasia solutions.” 

Although the actions which preceded these pieces of legislation were incomprehensible to animal lovers it is encouraging and empowering to see the lawmakers of Vermont working to prevent future cases of cruelty and neglect.      

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