Bruiser Dog
Bruiser Dog
Bruiser Dog
Bruiser Dog

About Bruiser

Bruiser is a strikingly handsome and fun dog! Bruiser is great walking on the leash and has been reported to ride well in the car. Bruiser seems to be more comfortable with women when he is first introduced to people and can be nervous around only men. We think Bruiser would do well having a woman present in the home to help with his transition and become more comfortable around men. Once he warms up to you, Bruiser is in your lap and bouncing all around the room. He is very playful and acts like a big puppy! Bruiser seems to be indifferent towards other dogs and we think he will coexist peacefully, but he may not want to be a playmate for another dog. Bruiser may also need some time to settle in and adjust to his new home and he is looking for an adopter that will give him the opportunity to do so. Once he establishes a routine and has some basic training down, Bruiser will be a great companion and will bond well with his family members.

History with Dogs/Cats/Children

* Bruiser has met a few other dogs in our care and seems to be indifferent towards them.

*If you have another dog, our counselors would be happy to facilitate a “meet-&-greet” here at NCAL to get a sense of how they will get along & provide guidance.

*Unknown history with cats

*Unknown history with children

*When introducing a new pet to your household, an adult should be supervising any interactions with a child or another pet.

  • Breed: American Shelter Dog

  • Neutered Male

  • 3 Years Old

  • Current Weight: 61 lbs

  • Arrived: 10/18/22

  • Adoption Fee: $275

Apply for Adoption

Learn more about our adoption process here. If you are interested in adopting, please contact our Pet Adoption Center:

(802) 888-5065  Extension: 101

Currently Available for Adoption or Sponsorship

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