Animal Safety Net Program

Animal Safety Net Program

North Country Animal League (NCAL) proudly presents the NCAL Animal Safety Net, an initiative aimed at providing crucial support for pets owned by individuals facing challenging circumstances such as domestic abuse, homelessness, and drug addiction. Recognizing the profound connection between humans and their animal companions, this program seeks to offer a lifeline, ensuring that individuals in need do not have to part with their beloved pets during difficult times.

Collaborative Intake Process

All program participants will work with NCAL’s Shelter Director upon intake. Together, they will assess the unique circumstances of each case, determining the appropriate length of stay and tailoring support services to meet the specific needs of the individuals and their pets.

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Program Services

Domestic Abuse Support

Temporary Foster Care: NCAL provides a safe haven for pets, offering temporary foster care to ensure their well-being away from abusive environments.

Shelter: In collaboration with local partners, NCAL arranges shelter for pets, ensuring safety, proper care, and medical attention for those affected by domestic abuse.

Numerous studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that a significant number of domestic abuse survivors may stay with their abusers due to concerns for the safety and well-being of their pets.

Pets are often used as a tool of control and manipulation by abusers, and survivors may fear leaving their pets behind if they escape the abusive situation. The lack of pet-friendly shelters or resources can contribute to survivors’ reluctance to leave their homes. Research and advocacy groups focused on domestic violence and animal welfare have highlighted the strong connection between domestic abuse and the well-being of pets.

Housing Insecurity Support

Collaborative Efforts: NCAL works closely with local partners and shelters to secure temporary accommodation for pets, guaranteeing they receive essential care, food, and medical attention.

Comprehensive Support: The program addresses the unique challenges faced by homeless individuals, providing a safety net for their pets during this challenging period.

Homeless individuals with pets face unique challenges, as many traditional shelters do not accommodate animals. While specific percentages may not be universally available, studies and surveys conducted by homeless advocacy groups and shelters have shed light on this issue. Research from various regions suggests that a notable percentage of homeless individuals with pets may avoid or be unable to access shelter services due to concerns about the well-being of their animals. This may be attributed to the strong bonds between individuals and their pets, the lack of pet-friendly shelters, or the fear of being separated from their animals.

Efforts are being made in some communities to address this gap in services by establishing pet-friendly shelters, creating initiatives like the NCAL Animal Safety Net, or providing alternative housing options that accommodate both homeless individuals and their pets.

Addiction Recovery Support

Supportive Resources: NCAL offers resources and assistance to individuals battling drug addiction, aiding them in arranging proper care for their pets.

Reducing Burden: By providing assistance in pet care, the program aims to alleviate the burden on individuals in recovery, allowing them to focus on their rehabilitation journey.

Reunification and Rebuilding Lives

The ultimate goal of the NCAL Animal Safety Net is to reunite owners with their cherished pets once they have successfully rebuilt their lives. NCAL strives to facilitate a joyous reunion, preserving the unbreakable bond between humans and animals. This approach not only supports individuals in need but also ensures the well-being and happiness of their furry family members.

Through the NCAL Animal Safety Net, we aspire to make a lasting impact on the lives of both pets and their owners, fostering a community that values compassion, understanding, and the enduring bond between humans and animals.