About Hudson

Hudson is a bouncy and energetic young dog. Hudson very excitable and has a zest for life! Since Hudson is an energetic dog, he will need plenty of exercise in his new home. He would really benefit from obedience training right from the beginning to help him control his impulses and bond with his new owners. Hudson sometimes  doesn’t realize how big and strong he is and he may accidentally knock you over or try to get into your lap. Hudson will need a confident dog handler that can control him on the leash and help settle him down when he is excited. He does have a heart of gold though and is just desperate for your attention and love. He is a dog that doesn’t know a stranger and is friendly and happy to meet anyone!  Hudson has been very friendly with all people that he’s met at NCAL so far and will greet you kisses and hugs. We think he would do best with older children living in the home as he tends to accidentally knock children over when he gets the “Zoomies”. Hudson would most likely do well with another dog that matches his personality and energy level. If you are interested in providing a forever home for Hudson, please submit an adoption questionnaire below.

History with Dogs/Cats/Children

Dogs: Hudson seems to like other dogs and is very interested in them. He has met a few dogs in our care and has been very excited to greet them, but can be a bit forward and pushy. Since he comes off a bit strong at first, we think he would be best with a dog with a similar temperament.

*If you have another dog, our counselors would be happy to facilitate a “meet-&-greet” here at NCAL to get a sense of how they will get along & provide guidance.

Cats: Unknown history with cats
Children: Hudson is very friendly with children, but due to his size and strength we would recommend a home with older children.

*When introducing a new pet to your household, an adult should be supervising any interactions with a child or another pet.

  • Breed: American Shelter Dog

  • Neutered Male

  • 11 Months Old

  • Current Weight: 73 lbs

  • Arrived: 11/18/22

  • Adoption Fee: $475

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Learn more about our adoption process here. If you are interested in adopting, please contact our Pet Adoption Center:

(802) 888-5065  Extension: 101

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