About Linus

Backstory: Arrived from another rescue partner

Personality: Meet Linus! Linus is a sweet boy who loves everyone he meets! He loves to go on long strolls or just sit by your side and snuggle. Linus also loves having dog friends to play with! 

My ideal home would be: Linus would love a home where he could get lots of exercise and continue his training! 

History with Dogs/Cats/Children

Dogs: Has lived with other dogs and done well.

*If you have another dog, our counselors would be happy to facilitate a “meet-&-greet” here at NCAL to get a sense of how they will get along & provide guidance.
Cats: Would do best in a home with no cats.
Children: Unknown history with kids.

*When introducing a new pet to your household, an adult should be supervising any interactions with a child or another pet.

  • Breed: American Shelter Dog

  • Neutered Male

  • 2 Years Old

  • Current Weight: 25 lbs

  • Arrived: 6/24/23

  • Adoption Fee: $350

Apply for Adoption

Learn more about our adoption process here. If you are interested in adopting, please contact our Pet Adoption Center:

(802) 888-5065  Extension: 101

Currently Available for Adoption or Sponsorship

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