About Samwise

Meet Samwise! Samwise is a very curious and active young cat! He loves to explore his surroundings and sometimes likes to be a bit mischievous! Hide your house plants and fish tanks because Samwise has no fear investigating and seeing what they’re all about. Samwise loves to play and will need lots of toys to entertain him during the day. When he’s all tuckered out, he loves to snuggle and he’s very affectionate. He’s also great with other cats and would enjoy having another playmate in the home. Samwise would enjoying having someone around the house more often than not and would be a great companion while you work from home. If you are looking for a cat with tons of personality and liveliness, Samwise is ready for you to take him home! If you are interested in Samwise, please submit an adoption questionnaire below.

Other History

Dogs: Unknown history with dogs
Cats: Has previously lived with cats and seemed to enjoy their company
Children: Unknown history with children

*When introducing a new pet to your household, an adult should be supervising any interactions with a child or another pet.

  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair

  • Neutered Male

  • 10 Months Old

  • Arrived: 2/2/23

  • Adoption Fee: $225

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If you are interested in adopting, please submit an adoption questionnaire or contact our Pet Adoption Center:

(802) 888-5065  Extension: 101

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