Buny Libby Spay Neuter Fund

The Bunny Libby Spay-Neuter Fund

Each year, over 7 million animals enter overcrowded shelters in the United States.

It is a shocking statistic that a stray cat and her kittens have the potential to produce 420,000 more cats in only 6 years! We need to work together as a community to address this issue. It is NCAL’s policy that every dog and cat that comes through our doors is spayed or neutered. The Bunny Libby Spay-Neuter Fund ensures we are able to meet that commitment.

By making a contribution to NCAL’s Spay-Neuter Fund, you can take action through compassion and support humane solutions to animal homelessness. Your gift will help ensure that our funding is replenished so that we can continue to provide spay and neuter services for animals in need for many months to come. Donate to The Bunny Libby Spay-Neuter Fund today.

Or mail in your donation check to:

North Country Animal League
16 Mountain View Meadow Drive
Morrisville, VT 05661

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