In many cases, shelter dogs spend quite some time adjusting to their new families and living in a home. Petey however, was not one of them. Adopted just two weeks ago, this little update from Petey’s new forever mom had us all smiling:

“Petey is doing fantastic! He easily fell into a routine, is happy, enthusiastic, smart, learns commands quickly and most importantly is so loving! He’s brought so much joy after weeks of sadness missing our dear old Penny. I am grateful that he has been such an easy pup, eager to listen and please as the energy of our old, slow girl obviously did not prepare us for a zooming puppy! 🙂 So far he has not destroyed anything (our house has never been so tidy) and when he does proudly waltz by with a slipper or the tv remote he surrenders it easily, almost as if he is telling us we forgot to pick them up. Petey came trusting and secure which I’m sure has to do with the care he has had in recent weeks. Thank you for all you do for the animals in your care.”