When Avie (now Maeve – or Mae for short) first came to NCAL in late March, she was quite reserved. She found it difficult to trust people, preferring her independence and was always hesitant to open up. It was a slow process, but gradually she began to step out of her shell. That’s when Sam and Annie came to NCAL and met Mae.

Upon arriving, Sam and Annie were told Mae would likely be shy with strangers, so they sat down and prepared themselves for a quiet visit. But, by a wonderful surprise, Mae suddenly let her sweet personality shine, giving them a warm welcome. “Luckily [Mae] wasn’t feeling too shy, or she just had a good hunch about us, and she let us pet her a little around the ears and she shook her little rattlesnake tail at us, which we loved,” Sam says, recalling their first meeting. After that, Sam and Annie knew that Mae was the one for them. She was the first and only kitty they met with, but Sam says they couldn’t picture bringing anyone else home. “There was just something about her, her bright green eyes, her little black nose, her sweet personality bubbling under the surface – we were drawn to her.”

Now, Mae is living the life that every kitty dreams of! For the first few days, Mae spent her time eating, napping, and exploring her new forever home. But by her third week with Sam and Annie, she truly settled in, finding a new level of comfort and confidence. “She’s super vocal with us and follows us around the kitchen when we’re cooking, letting us know how we’re doing,” Sam tells us. “She’s a very curious little girl and bravely explores all the nooks and crannies our old farmhouse holds.” Some of Mae’s favorite pastimes include watching wildlife from the windows and getting belly rubs! “Mae is the only cat I’ve ever met who loves belly rubs – she requests them daily and we are all too happy to oblige!”

As Sam and Annie helped Mae find her confident personality, Mae has helped them find a new sense of peace and happiness. “Her presence has reduced our anxiety and stress levels without a doubt,” Sam says. Watching her as she naps, plays, and uses her voice always brings a smile to their faces. From the beginning, Sam and Annie knew that they wanted to give a shelter kitty a good home where they could be “happy, relaxed, safe, and themselves.” It’s clear that they have given Mae exactly that. And now that they have found each other, they couldn’t be happier!

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