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Baloo, gentle and fun-loving like the Jungle Book character, was adopted last September! After reading about Baloo on NCAL’s website–funny, friendly, and never misses a meal!–Lisa had a feeling the feline was the one for her family. Her family had recently lost their cat of over 16 years, an abrupt and tremendous loss. They felt that adopting a new kitten would lessen the emptiness and provide a loving home to a cat in need. Now, Baloo has adjusted wonderfully to his forever home; he loves meeting new friends and entertaining everyone with games of hide and seek, chasing toys all around the house, or simply curling up around by the fire with his people in the evenings.

“Baloo needed us and we needed him at a quite sad time in our lives. Losing our prior cat was sudden and heartbreaking. After a brief period, we brought Baloo home and realized we were laughing all the time because of his silly antics. He is a loving and happy boy.”

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