Buddy was surrendered back in February of 2021 for behavioral reasons. During his time at NCAL, Buddy received behavioral support and training, learning how to follow commands and interact with new people and dogs.

It had been a long journey for this young pup who spent time in multiple homes, but just couldn’t find the right one for him. It seemed to be fate then, when Lance met Buddy for the first time in the spring of 2021.

Lance runs @rescueranchstowe which is dedicated to rescuing dogs and giving them the life they deserve. He had been growing what he calls his “pack” and thought it was time for a new addition! Lance originally came to NCAL with his sights set on two other dogs, but was encouraged to also meet Buddy. Lance says that he’s glad he took the chance! “Our first meeting was awesome, [Buddy’s] definitely smart and was under his best behavior at NCAL.”

Buddy is now thriving after being adopted and joining his new pack! “He’s adjusted amazingly,” Lance says, “He’s now an offleash trail dog.” Buddy and his new family of 3 pitbulls go on daily outdoor adventures with Lance, including activities such as mountain biking, hiking, swimming, and skiing in the winter! It’s given Buddy a chance to release all of his energy and continue to work on his training.

Lance tells us that having Buddy around has given him an enlightened perspective on patience, forgiveness and faith. “He has 100% landed in the right home,” Lance tells us. Buddy has finally found a lifestyle that fits just right, and a human who gives him all the attention and patience he needs to continue to learn and grow.

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