It was a long trek for Clementine before she reached NCAL earlier this summer. Originally found abandoned in an alleyway with a litter of seven, Clementine and her kittens were transported all the way from Florida to Vermont. After such a tiring journey, Clementine was ready to find a furever home where she could get the love and relaxation she deserved.

It just so happened that Dawn was on a mission to adopt another furry companion and save a life. Dawn knew she wanted to adopt an adult cat, especially since they are so often overlooked at shelters compared to their kitten counterparts, and spotting Clementine was like a dream come true. It wasn’t long before Dawn set a time to meet her in-person, and she’s glad she did. “Clementine came right to me,” Dawn shares, “We looked at each other and I knew she was my cat.”

Having heard that it takes around three months for adult cats to adapt to new surroundings, Dawn made the effort to set up her bedroom as a nurturing space that Clementine could use to adjust in her own time. However, Dawn tells us that “Clementine decided that was not going to do.” In fact, Dawn says that Clementine was owning the whole house within just three days! She became friends with her canine siblings in no time and even seeks out Dawn’s German Shepard to play with.

Once Clementine has spent her energy exploring the house, chasing toys, and playing with her siblings, she’s happy to receive all of Dawn’s attention. “She follows me around the house and helps keep me company when I work,” shares Dawn. One of Clementine’s all-time favorite things to do is cuddle. Dawn tells us fondly that Clementine loves to wake her up with good morning kisses at 4:00AM, just to curl up and cuddle in!

There’s no doubt that Dawn, her canine companions, and Clementine make for the perfect bunch. We’re happy to know that Dawn accomplished her mission, giving Clementine the forever home she had been waiting for!

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