Fynn was adopted from us as a puppy, but returned over the summer because he was not a good fit. Having spent much of his adolescent years in and out of the shelter environment, we knew Jim would need owners willing to help him become the best dog he could be by showing him the ropes. He finally found his forever people over the summer, in a dream setting where he lets out his puppy energy daily by running around many acres of outdoors space with his neighbor dog friend, and of course lots of cuddle time with his humans! 

“Not going to lie, Flynn was a handful when we first brought him home. But in just a little over a week, we couldn’t believe what a PERFECT fit he is for us! He loves running around our cleared 6+ acres with his new neighbor dog friend, playing fetch, splashing in his new doggy pool, going for car rides, practicing commands and recall, and walks through our wooded trails. He enjoys his midday naps under the oak tree and is a wonderfully cuddly pup. We started with a “tone collar” to keep him within our property bounds and he is incredibly responsive. We’re working with a trainer to help him manage his excitement in novel situations. He’s so sweet, sensitive, smart, and energetic. Fynn is an old soul in a puppy. We are SO thankful to you and your team for pairing us together. We couldn’t have chosen a better pup and it feels like he was always part of the family!”