Tiny but mighty, Pluto is a confident dog thriving in his forever home today. Like thousands of others, Pluto’s is a story of transformation – it reminds us that every individual deserves a second chance to reach their full potential.

Pluto made his way to NCAL from a situation where he did not have the opportunity to socialize much, which caused him to be nervous and stressed around new people and situations. Underneath the feisty exterior he displayed, was a sensitive soul who just wanted to feel safe and secure. Once he got to know the staff members who took care of him, Pluto became their loyal friend who would roll over and ask for belly rubs. However, due to his fear of strangers, his “Meet-and-Greet” appointments with potential adopters did not leave the best impression. He needed to find a family who were experienced dog-owners who were able to see his potential and give him a chance to build confidence and continue to learn good behaviors. 

Sarah and Todd had adopted a dog from our Pet Adoption Center in 2021 and were regular followers of NCAL ever since. For months, Sarah noticed how Pluto was featured as a dog in need of sponsorship because he was having a hard time finding the right home. Her heart went out to the little guy and she and Todd decided they could offer Pluto the second chance he needed. Sarah says, “We felt that we understood the challenges he was having. We had a tough little dog in the past and felt capable of working with Pluto. Seeing how much he loved and adored the staff at NCAL who he had bonded with was the reason we were confident he would be able to eventually relax around us and become a family member.”

These days, Pluto is a dog transformed. With time, he learned to trust the stability of his home and has developed deep trusting relationships with his family. His Dad goes on walks with this tiny speed-walker who eagerly trots around his neighborhood. His Mom opens her arms to him for cuddles when he gets sleepy. Pluto’s two dog siblings, Kippie and Tacoma, have also fully welcomed him into their pack and showed their brother the ropes in their home. Throughout the day you will find the three of them cuddled up on the same bed, playing with shared toys in their fenced yard or with their heads bowed in a circle gently eating out of the same dish. Outside his family, Pluto has many admirers, family friends and neighbors, who have all been rooting for him and finding joy in his progress. Sarah and Todd’s Swedish exchange student, Ebba, has fallen in love with Pluto too and jokes about sneaking him back to Sweden with her. 

Now that Pluto has the anchor of his forever family, he has built his confidence and been able to enjoy many new experiences that would have been outside his comfort zone before. He goes on adventures with his family and takes less and less time to warm up to new friends as time goes on. A curiosity and zest for life has emerged in him. Recently, Sarah was very proud of Pluto for calmly sitting by her side as she gave out candy to Trick-or-Treaters who admired his adorable costume!

As a Mom to three rescue pups, Sarah shares, “I believe all dogs deserve a loving home. Adult dogs and those with special needs in shelters especially need our love. It has been so rewarding adopting Pluto and seeing how he’s evolved. There’s always a smile on your face when Pluto’s around.”

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