When Kate and her family first came to meet with Pluto, her youngest son laid down on the floor with him to play. Pluto was nothing but patient and sweet and that’s when they fell in love! “The rest is history,” Kate says, recalling the day. They knew that Pluto was the one for their family.

Pluto is absolutely loving life in his forever home! Kate shares that Pluto experienced some separation anxiety at first, but that he has made great progress in building confidence. “Pluto adjusted really well and really quickly,” she says. One of Kate and her family’s favorite things to do with Pluto is hike. He always loves the opportunity to meet new people and dogs on the trails!

And not only is Pluto an adventurous hiker now, he’s also a trusted watchdog! One day, when Kate and Pluto were outside, Pluto perked up and noticed a black bear. Kate was alerted to its presence, thanks to Pluto, and was fortunately able to stay safe. “We have learned [Pluto’s] body language,” Kate says, “and know what type of animal may be around.” Kate and her family are happy to have Pluto in their home, especially when it comes to being aware of the wildlife that may be lurking around their yard!

When a long day of hiking the trails and patrolling the yard is complete, Pluto loves to hop up on the couch for a well-earned snuggle with his family. “Pluto is an extremely patient and loving dog,” shares Kate, “and he’s kind of spoiled!” There’s nothing that makes us happier than a spoiled rescue pup!

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