When brothers Ross and Dwight first arrived at NCAL, they were very underweight and under-socialized kittens who needed multiple weeks of medical care and enrichment before they were ready for adoption in the fall of 2021. That’s when their would be forever family entered their lives.

Jennie and her family, after previously adopting a rescue dog, had decided they wanted to welcome more furry family members into their home. Reflecting back on their first meeting with the kittens, Jennie recalls how both Ross and Dwight were still quite timid with new people. However, this did not deter the family from seeing just how special the brothers were. “We fell in love as soon as we met them,” Jennie says.

Though still feeling shy upon arriving home, Ross and Dwight gradually began to find their confidence in their new environment and now their unique personalities are shining through. They’ve found a new joy in scampering around the house and chasing after one another. And when they aren’t running, they’re playing! They especially love to bound around in their cat tunnel and play with any crinkly toys they can get their paws on.

Despite the two brothers’ bountiful energy and never-ending curiosity, they still enjoy taking a moment to relax, lounging by a window and watching the birds. After a full day of running, playing, and bird watching, Ross and Dwight become “super snugglers,” as Jennie would say, before going to bed.

“They have added a lot of fun and love to our home, as well as a little chaos at times,” says Jennie, “but we wouldn’t have it any other way.” In turn, Ross and Dwight formed a wonderful bond with Jennie, her family, and their new canine sibling, settling in well to their new forever home.

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