Adopted from NCAL 12 years ago, Bambi has had a wonderful life by her human sister’s side. There really is nothing like growing up with a dog sibling!  

“When we adopted Bambi for my 10th birthday, we brought home a dog who was scared of men, would shake and lay down as soon as we went outside and cower all the time. About a month after bringing her home, she loved going outside and running, was no longer afraid of my dad and loved everyone! We adopted Bambi when she was a year and a half old and she’s still kicking at 13 and a half years old! She’s the sweetest, most sensitive dog. She loves to cross her front paws when she lays down like the dainty dog she is. At a dog competition at a campground we stayed at, she was voted best smile! When she was younger she would get the zoomies and could run for what seemed like forever! She was the best dog to grow up with!”