When Bella arrived at NCAL, all our staff were immediately charmed by her happy-go-lucky personality. She couldn’t help but be taken over by full-body and bobtail wiggles when anyone was near. No surprise to us all, she has completely swept her forever family off their feet:

“Bella is the sweetest dog ever and has settled into our home like she always belonged here. She keeps us moving and has gotten us off the couch and walking. She loves everyone and going for hikes. Her favorite thing to do is herd tennis balls and dig for treats buried in the snow. She even goes on controlled walks with other dogs and does very well! I am amazed to think she found her way to us. Hope you all stay well during this craziness and soon it will be behind us. We have made the most of social distancing by spending time in the woods around our home. We are also working on becoming a kayak-pup. We love her! She is a complete joy… Best. Dog. Ever!”