Big Mac was originally found tied up without food or water behind an abandoned house, with a collar cutting into his neck that left a deep wound, scars all over his body and multiple health issues. Despite everything he had been through, he never stopped wagging his tail or greeting every person he met with love and trust from the time that he was rescued to the duration of his stay at NCAL. Given his health issues, our medical team thought it would be best for him to recover in a foster home. No surprise to all, this boy turned out to be a foster failure: 

“I never considered myself a ‘pitbull person’. I volunteer at NCAL as a dog walker, and on my first walk with Big Mac I decided to foster him. On his second day with me, I knew that was it. This 85 pound lapdog was here to stay and be the most lovable dog I’ve ever had. We have all these rituals throughout the day, but the after-supper one is what he loves most. ( He flops on my lap thinking he’s light as a feather (he’s not!) and we snuggle. Even though I complain, I put up with it because it’s kind of my favorite part of the day too!”