NCAL is the Best Charity to Donate to – An Essay by 5th graders from Bishop Marshall School

NCAL is the best charity to donate to for many different reasons. Did you know that NCAL saved over 11,000 stray animals? NCAL loves their animals and shows their love by rescuing and caring for their animals. NCAL is an animal shelter located in Morrisville, Vermont that started in the year of 1990. There are many people who have donated to NCAL; those people have saved hundreds of pets. You should donate to NCAL to save lives, and to support their pet adoption process, their animals’ health, and to help their animals’ needs.

You should donate to NCAL to support their adoption process! One reason is they have many different varieties of pets to find the perfect animal for you. Their amazing team takes in animals under their care. Another reason is North Country Animal League takes animals from high-kill shelters, puppy mills, and they take many stray pets to their amazing facility. We think that NCAL is making the right choices because they are taking care of pets of many breeds and with much care. The last reason is that NCAL makes reasonable adoption prices, so you can always find a new way to afford a pet you are in love with. If you donate to NCAL, you can help the awesome team, and support their adoption system. 

Not only should you donate to help NCAL’s adoption process, you should contribute money to support NCAL’s Spay and Neuter Funds. You can help to end health problems for NCAL’s animals. NCAL’s animals would love to have a long healthy life with a loving family. Once animals come to NCAL, they are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and given any other medical care. Only if you donate to NCAL, they can have the life they deserve.

You can help with the animals’ needs by buying and donating food. You will certainly change and save many animals’ lives. You can volunteer to fulfill many animals’ needs by cleaning their homes, playing with cats and dogs, reading to them, and walking their dogs. It clearly will make the animals’ lives more fun.

Now that you have thought about donating to NCAL, you should think about adopting a pet. When you adopt from NCAL, you not only find a new best friend, you save an animal’s life. Always remember, when you donate to NCAL, you help animals’ health, and you help with animal needs. You should help NCAL’s facility by contributing money, dog or cat food, and dog or cat toys. North Country Animal League’s animals need all your love and donations. Remember, NCAL’s facility is open Tuesday through Saturday, so you can drop off any donations or visit any of their adorable pets during that time. All and all, for many reasons, North Country Animal League is the best charity to donate to!