Blue’s Happy Tail shows us that bringing home a new pet, especially one that is behaviorally difficult, takes a lot of work. But with time, patience and effort, even the most challenging pets will prove to you that the chance you took on them, was well worth it all:

“We brought Blue home with us in September of 2017. The first six months were challenging. Blue walked right in like he owned the place, he is definitely not what you’d call a scaredy cat! He loves to be in the middle of everything going on. We call him Mr. FOMO.

At the start he was very restless and anxious and had a hard time settling down. It was a little like having a hyperactive toddler that keeps you from being able to sit down for even a minute. He was always getting into things. There was even a point in the beginning I thought this might not work, but I couldn’t give up on him. I read that Prozac could be used to help these kinds of problems and after a conversation with our vet we put him on a small daily dose. The effects were dramatic! Now we have a cat who is still adventurous and a rascal but is much calmer and (usually, lol) well behaved. He loves to snuggle and will bug us if he wants us to sit down and cuddle with him.

I am so glad I didn’t give up on our boy. He gives us such love , laughter and joy everyday. We love him SO much!”