Chanel was originally found as a stray and was one of our first intakes this year. When she arrived, she was nervous and unsure of everyone she met. While it was hard to take her seriously because she was such a beautiful little fur ball, she would always hiss and put on a tough face when someone approached her! When we picked up and held however, she would slowly begin to relax… then purr, and then become quite the affectionate sweetheart. But she was having trouble finding people who would get to that point with her and want to adopt her. As is always the case though, it was all about the right person coming along… her forever mom recently sent us an update. 

“I adopted Chanel aka Moonstone. I brought her home and let her out of her carrier and she was right at home. I have two other cats and they hissed at each other few times and watched her. Before I knew it, they were all laying on my bed. She is so sweet, a little talker and the biggest snuggle bug now! I love her and am blessed to have her in her forever home. Thank You NCAL!”