Cheerio is an older boy who arrived in one of our first out-of-state transports this year. Within days, it was evident to us that this boy had never known a home or what it meant to be loved. He had scars on his body and the indoors stressed him out. But his sweet grey face and kind eyes told us that what he really wanted was to settle down and find connection. Since then, not only has he found what he was always looking for, but he has exceeded all our expectations and now he is the apple of his parents’ eyes. Here’s what his mom shared with us:

“From the moment we saw Cheerio’s big brown eyes, we knew he was the one. Almost instantly, he became part of the family. Even my husband who is a cat person loves him to the point where I think he might be a dog person now. Cheerio is a middle-aged dog with an old soul and he fits into our lifestyle so well. Every time you look into his eyes, you can see how kind he is and how he is always looking for love. For anyone having doubts about adopting an older dog, I would say, “You need to take a second look because an older dog can be just as lovable as a puppy.” My only regret is that it took us seven years to find him. However, we are so excited to spend the rest of his life making it up to him by letting him run in fields for hours and letting him snuggle with us in our bed. I could never thank North Country Animal League enough for saving our best friend.”