Claire was a tiny and sick little thing when she first arrived at NCAL. You may notice from her photos that her eye is hazy in appearance, which was brought on by chronic upper respiratory infections. However, this small girl never let her size or condition get in the way of being a mighty presence. She used her big voice to steal attention from passers-by. While her eye may not improve over time, or she may never learn to speak using her ‘indoor voice’, we thought it made her all the more special! Her forever parents agree: 
“We are enjoying every moment with our newest fur baby. She’s got a huge and silly personality and loves snuggles (she’s curled up with me now as I put this email together). She makes everyday a better one. There’s a lot of exploring, tail chasing, picking on our pet hamster, stealing her sister’s food, tons of other shenanigans and of course sleeping going on around here now. I can’t imagine life now without our newest addition. Much love and many thanks!”