Clover and her human mom, who is an adaptive athlete, have been adventuring in their CRV housecar for the past few years. From being snuggled up in their van-bed to the hospital bed to exploring the outdoors, this team sets the bar high for human-pet relationship goals!
“My family’s been adopting from NCAL as long as I can remember. Looking for an adventure companion after what at the time was my most recent back surgery, I found a little scrappy blue heeler I renamed Clover and we instantly became inseparable. When I was fully recovered and Clover trail trained, we left Vermont in our adventure mobile and never looked back! We have skied, hiked, and frolicked our way around the country the past few years and have ended up in Montana, where Clover chases the prairie dogs and blazes the trail. We’ve hiked over 2.5k miles together and I can’t imagine doing it without my girl! Thanks NCAL! ❤🐶🤘