While Crawford is now in his very own home where he will spend the the remainder of his days being cared for, our guess is that his life before NCAL was a sad one. Found abandoned in a field early this summer, he came to us in poor condition and suffering from excruciating pain as a result of a series of health complications. It’s hard to imagine everything he had been through but we are glad that the kind stranger who found him, knew to bring him to us right away so he could have access to the resources and care he needed. We are happy to report that he was adopted by one of his medical caregivers at Peak Veterinary Referral Center where he was being treated! 

“When I first saw Crawford, I couldn’t believe what a great dog he was even though he had this mass protruding from him. He was quite happy and settled into his cage like this is what it was suppose to be and when he was given a “baby” (stuffed animal friend) to have in his cage, he put it into his mouth and carried it around, and it was so adorable. You’d think that he was discarded on the side of the road and left to fend for himself with the issues he had that we wouldn’t be so calm and collective!  He goes with the flow and is happy in any situation he is put into. He is an original by far! He deserves to be loved and spoiled for the time he has left, and myself and my family are happy to do that. Crawford is not the first senior beagle with health issues whom we have had the pleasure of loving. Charlie was very similar to Crawford, and was also happy go lucky and loved to have a “baby” in his mouth, too, and got along really well with our other dog Oreo. While Charlie is no longer with us, it is almost like Crawford has arrived to be Oreo’s new beagle friend to bond with and we are so thankful to have him in our home for the rest of his days!”