Raising twins is no easy task, but it’s certainly gratifying, especially when they look this cute. Adopted in August, Zazu and Zella have been keeping their human mom busy, in the best way possible:

“Zazu, the Swahili word for movement, certainly lives up to his name. He is full of energy but is just as full of love! He gets ‘the zoomies’ and will run full force around the house and then jump on my lap and snuggle to sleep. His favorite toys are a piece of string and cardboard box – good thing I bought so many toys for them to play with 🙄 ! Zella is little but she is mighty! She loves to tussle with Zazu and joins my virtual meetings to the delight of my coworkers. She likes to play with my earring while we work and is also a snuggler. Her favorite toy is a little blue mouse and she is also learning to fetch.

My last cat, Savvy, passed away 3 years ago and for a long time I wasn’t ready for another since we had such a special connection. When I saw these two on the NCAL website, I knew it was time and that Savvy would want other kittens to be rescued and loved like he was. I may have adopted Zazu and Zella, but I think I’ve been adopted too and I can’t thank NCAL enough for entrusting them in my care. We have all settled into our new family and I can’t imagine not having these two little loves.”