Lulu Happy Tail Lulu Happy Tail Red Happy Tail Red Happy Tail Red Happy Tail

The Garcia Family knows that shelter pets make the best pets! They have now adopted both a dog and a cat from NCAL! Their dog, Red, was adopted 5 years ago and this month they drove 5 hours from Massachusetts for their second NCAL adoptee, Lulu (formerly Persephone)! 

“We knew our family pets would have to be rescued, because the bond is just vastly different. A rescued pet KNOWS you chose them so there is an instant appreciation and a deeper bond,” says Andrea, Lulu and Red’s mom. “I can’t imagine our family without our dog Red, let alone a single day without him — when my kids wake up they lay with him and cuddle, he walks them to and from school, he is outside when they are outside, when they’re upset they go to him for comfort. We’ve had Lulu for just a few days and the kids and I are in love!”

Lulu was discovered as a local stray in July. She was not accustomed to living inside with humans and had a very independent nature that suggested she would be best suited to a barn cat lifestyle. She is now adjusting to life as the resident shop kitty in her new home and has really come out of her shell! Andrea says, “We got her all set-up in the shop and when we let her out of her cage she immediately came at us ….rubbing, purring, and wanting to be pet! She begged for pets from all 5 of us, and while we are being very cautious, she just won’t stop with the affection. If we tap on the counter- she immediately jumps up; when we call her, she comes. It’s shocking how sweet and personable she is. We are all extremely happy!”

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If you’ve adopted a pet from NCAL, we’d love to hear how you both are doing!