It’s a Kitten Shower!

On Saturday, April 27th, 12-2pm, we will hold our first ever Kitten Shower! Just like a traditional baby shower, guests are encouraged to bring gifts and donations to help the shelter prepare for kitten season. Starting in spring, peaking in the summer, and ending in fall, shelters across the country will experience an influx of kittens and expecting moms.   

Guests will enjoy refreshments, games, a raffle contest with exciting prizes and have the opportunity to learn about ways for the public to get involved. There will also be kittens in attendance. Attendees are asked to bring any items from NCAL’s kitten registry, including wet and dry kitten food, kitten milk replacer powder formula, kitten nursing bottles, miracle nipples, scoopable litter and litter boxes, pet heating pads, laundry detergent, rescue disinfectant cleaner, dish soap and small pet bowls. While donations are crucial, the inundating number of newborns that come in also makes the role of fostering important.

“In 2018, NCAL took in 122 kittens and this year we expect the number to rise,” says Carlee Brion, Shelter Director. “Many kittens that arrive are only a few days or weeks old and they are too young to be adopted. We place these kittens into foster homes where they can be cared for, socialized, and safely wait until they are eligible for adoption.” To encourage the idea of foster, the event will include a Foster Home Orientation and given that the kitten season happens as a result of adult cats not being spayed or neutered, there will also be a discussion on NCAL’s spay and neuter program.