Dear NCAL,

Hi! I have been having the most wonderful time in Burlington so far. My mom says I was amazing in the car right after she picked me up because I calmly sat in the front seat and watched the cars around us. First, she brought me to Stowe Veterinary Clinic where I met lots of friendly people who gave me treats. My mom boosted my lepto and lyme vaccine, clipped my nails, and took some blood to retest me for lyme. It turns out I am lyme free now! I was also told I was a very good girl for all of this as I didn’t complain at all. We then made the long trip to Burlington, where I met the rest of my lovely family. I was so happy to meet them and got so much love the second I walked thru the door! That night we went for a walk at the waterfront where I gently greeted many people, AND I got my own puppy creemee!!! Mom says she was extremely impressed with how well I handled it. She says she likes the front clip harness because it stops me from pulling. I curled up in my crate and went soundly to sleep.
The next day was the absolute best! We went for a long walk at the Intervale in the morning where I got to see some cars drive by, three tractors, and a biker, and I barely batted an eye. Mom showed me how to stay by her side on the leash, and gave me a small treat every time I checked in with her so she knows she can get my attention when she needs it. She let me sniff hundreds of wonderful smells! We also visited PetSmart where I picked out some toys and treats. Later that day we went down to the beach and I got to swim in a lake! It was hot out so the water felt super nice. There were lots of people and dogs around, but I didn’t bark at them when they passed by because I was having too much fun. We ended the day with a sunset walk at Oakledge Park with amazing views. I was super tired by the end of the day and I was happy to fall right to sleep in my crate. 
Today we also walked at the Intervale, and mom says we will be going for another walk a bit later tonight. I’ve been hanging with mom in her room most of the day, cuddled up on her comfy bed. I really like it when she takes me out to sit on our front stoop because we get to work on calmly watching people and animals pass by. I have occasionally barked at some dogs who I wanted to be my friend, but mom says thats not how we meet friends. She’s planning to send me to a doggie daycare center soon where I can learn the proper way to introduce myself and interact with others, and I can’t wait!
Things have been so great so far here in my new home, and I’m so excited to experience more adventures. I could not be more grateful for the help you guys gave me along the way to help me find my forever home. Mom has attached a few pictures she took of me enjoying life out here that I hope you will enjoy!
Keep your tails wagging, 
Genesee (aka Sadie)