Kona's Happy Tail  Kona's Happy Tail

Stefanie and her family have always adopted shelter pets. When their oldest adoptee turned fifteen in August of 2020, they decided to get their sweet old pup a companion to spend the rest of her time with. So they headed to NCAL to meet Fudge (now Kona), a cute bundle just waiting to find her forever family!

Kona had a lot of nervous energy during their first meeting, but that only encouraged Stefanie and her family to want to adopt her more. They could see through Kona’s anxious exterior to the hope that simmered just beneath it. “We instantly fell in love with her big green eyes that were just begging for love and stability,” Stefanie says.

Kona had no trouble settling into her new forever home and quickly assumed the role of “snuggler” around the house! “She would fall<= asleep on my feet as I stood in the kitchen, curl up with our older dog, or with some oversized stuffies that my kids gave her,” Stefanie says. “There was a lot of sleeping on us or under blankets during those early puppy days!”

A year later, Stefanie’s family lost their older dog. The loss was hard for Stefanie’s family, especially for her kids, but she was grateful Kona was there to help them through it. Stefanie also tells us that Kona’s happy personality has been contagious. When Kona is bounding through the yard with a stick – one of her absolute favorite activities – it’s hard not to feel that same joy!

Two years have gone by since Kona’s adoption and she still hasn’t lost her puppy energy yet. Stefanie says she runs fast and jumps incredibly high! They help Kona release her energy by playing ball in the yard and going on hikes, during which Kona is always leading the front of the group.

In the end, Kona gained the confidence she needed and Stefanie and her family gained the companion they were searching for. “She has helped the kids learn about the responsibility and deep companionship that comes from adopting animals,” she shares, “and I hope they carry that with them for life.”

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