At NCAL we witness everyday how animals who have been through crisis have so much love and joy to give, when given the right opportunity. Maka is one shining example – she was pulled out of a high-kill shelter and brought to Vermont. When she arrived, she was so fearful that we knew she would need someone extremely caring to help her become the wonderful dog she was meant to be.

Today this wallflower has become a dog who is constantly out to steal smiles and conquer hearts:

“Maka has brought so so so much inspiration and joy into my life and has taught me the true meaning of love! Thanks to NCAL and their match making skills I ended up with my soul sister. Maka has inspired me to travel and explore nature more than I ever had. She also taught me the power of being patient, because to be honest, it took her a couple of months to truly feel confident. Maka has definitely transformed into a new pup and is the best dog I have ever met! She is my chubby princess. Thank you NCAL for bringing my fur baby into my life and helping so many more pups like her!!!”