Manny’s happy tail is an example of what happens when compassion has no borders and people collaborate to help animals in need. He was rescued by The Sato Project from a beach in Puerto Rico where unwanted dogs are abandoned and left to perish. He was then transported to the main land by St. Huberts and brought to Vermont to find his forever home. This wiggly, bouncy, cheerful dog stole hearts as soon as he landed and he now has the life he had always deserved. Here’s an update from his mom:

“Manny needed no time adjusting to his new family; he spends his days getting love and giving snuggles from everyone in the house especially during the day when dad is working from home and mom and kids are gone. But when mom gets home he’s her “baby” and wants to be held. He loves to play and run in the snow and he loves to play fetch with his favorite toy. He had his first vet visit a few days after coming home and he was awesome: just relaxed and happy the entire time and loved all the staff! We couldn’t ask for a better companion and family member than Manny, he’s definitely added a lot more love and laughter into our house and we look forward to the many adventures we’ll go on with him!”