Mari may have never known real kindness before she stepped off the trailer at the North Country Animal League. This sweet and gentle senior mare came to the U.S. originally from Argentina for a career in the sport of polo. Due to a bowed tendon in her front left leg, she was no longer useful to her owner and would have been euthanized had a concerned person not spoken up and informed us of her situation.

Mari came to NCAL with a host of issues – a still actively inflamed bow in her tendon, tooth issues making it very difficult for her to chew her hay and grain, cracks in her hooves, very poor body condition and a skin infection. Despite the challenges she faced, Mari is very trusting and attached to people.

Gentle and kind, Mari makes an excellent patient. She soaks up the attention of staff and friends. We will continue to evaluate Mari and her needs to determine what situation will be best for Mari’s future. Stay tuned for updates on Mari’s progress!

Sponsor Mari

Mari will need veterinary care and proper nutrition to recover to full health. Your sponsorship gift to NCAL’s Medical Fund directly supports Mari throughout her recovery with her basic needs as well as her ongoing veterinary and hoof care. 

Additionally, NCAL is seeking the following supply donations for Mari: Winter blankets in good condition (lightweight, medium and heavy weight) size 75”, wraps (quilts and bandage), ice boots. If you would like to donate any of these items, please drop off at NCAL at 16 Mountain View Meadow Road in Morrisville, VT. 

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