Martha was found during the winter under a good samaritan’s porch who brought her to NCAL. When she arrived, she was incredibly fearful of people and the shelter environment. She spent weeks in hiding, but our animal caregivers could tell she was eating and using the bathroom at night when they saw empty bowls and used litter box in the morning. But slowly, after about a month she finally began accepting head scratches. While she remained very cautious, she would make biscuits with her paws while receiving pets and that assured us that one day this wallflower would blossom. However, months passed by and she received little attention. But we knew there was a special person out there for this sweet girl. Everyone’s wish came true just a few weeks ago when she was matched with the most patient and loving family. What we thought would take months, Martha has come out of her shell within weeks of being in her forever home:

“We’re finally hanging out in the open, finding sunny patches under the window, and walking around while we’re walking around (but still cautiously)! She greets us in the morning with a bird-like “coo” sound and demands attention/pets when we’re seemingly doing nothing, haha. She’s become very playful as well!”