Here at NCAL, we believe that even human-animal matches are made in heaven. Take Diesel for instance (now called Monty), who was a relatively quiet guy at the shelter and was thus going unnoticed. But sure enough, when his person came along, he instantly came out of his shell and let her know he was the one:

“We had recently lost one of our kitties unexpectedly, the snuggler of our trio. When our landlord said we could get another cat, we started looking all over for the perfect kitty to join our family. I saw Monty’s picture as we searched and moved on to look at others, but I just kept coming back to him. When we went to meet him, it wasn’t more then 10 seconds that he went from being on the cat tree to being in my arms snuggling into my neck. He really hasn’t left that spot since that day. He is a vivacious, spunky, energetic boy who loves to snuggle in the evening and curl up at our feet when it’s time to sleep. I can’t express how much I love this boy, and how grateful I am to NCAL for taking care of him till he came home.”