From the moment she saw Nora Jane, Michelle felt an immediate connection and knew they were meant to be together. The road was a long one; after she lost her cat of 10 years, she began searching for a kitten 6 months later. Michelle wasn’t sure she was ready, but knew that soon enough she would find the perfect match.

“I met kitty Sonora, a Florida rescue who was transported to NCAL in March 2022. Sonora was beautiful, playful, curious, a bit spicy, and a diamond in the rough. As I left NCAL, I looked back and saw Sonora looking at me. I knew she was the one.”

Nora was not a kitten but an adult, and Michelle recognized that older cats needed to find their forever home, too. “Nora has been like a ‘ray of light’ to our family. ( She has brought love, joy and happiness to our lives…Since day one, Nora rolled on her back as she does today, and to me that meant she was relaxed and knew this would be her forever home. I look forward to spending every day watching Nora blossom even more.”

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