Roger began his journey on the other side of the country in Smith County, Texas where he was rescued from a large-scale neglect case. Roger and nearly 40 other dogs were found outdoors in chain-link kennels with their water dishes frozen over. Corrugated metal was collapsing into some of the cages when rescuers reached them. Roger was sent on a transport to Vermont through the Humane Society of the United States. Arriving at NCAL, Roger was a bit disoriented and wary at first. Roger was physically recovering from heartworm and mentally adjusting to the fact that he was now surrounded by people he could trust. Once he realized he was safe he began to open up and show his goofy and sweet personality. With each passing day, Roger was becoming more confident as he received the attention and affection he always craved as a puppy. He just needed to find his human and begin a new chapter of his life. 

That’s when UVM senior, Liz, entered Roger’s life. Growing up with a rescue dog in her home had left a lasting effect on Liz. She says it was one of the most rewarding experiences of her life to watch that dog grow in confidence and find happiness. “I knew that when I was able to get a dog of my own it would certainly be a shelter pet!” In March, Liz decided the time was right for her to get her first dog as an adult. She came across Roger’s profile and scheduled a meeting with him. “I could not get over how friendly and happy Roger was to see me. I absolutely knew after a walk we took around NCAL that he was perfect for me!”

Fast forward a few weeks and Roger has adjusted to college life like a pro! “He was certainly anxious in new environments at first, but now he has eased into a life of snuggles, walks in the woods and at the waterfront in Burlington, drives in the car to various parks for adventures, and naps on his orthopedic mattress:) We also love to go to the dog park where he plays so nicely with all the other dogs!! But the best is having a nice cuddle after a long day!” 

Liz shares that “As a senior in college, it is inevitable that my life will go through countless changes in the next few years; something that certainly stresses me out. Having Roger has improved my mental health significantly even in the few short weeks I have had him! Nothing makes me happier than to come home to this boy giving me a big stretch and a lick! Thanks so much for helping bring us together!” 

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