Rudy was a happy-go-lucky pup who arrived at NCAL from South Carolina. Although he was quite underweight when he got here, it didn’t stop him from being an energizer bunny from the get-go. So much so that even though there were quite a few people who met with him, his level of playfulness and tendency to zoom through life wasn’t meant for everyone. He was excited about everything, and all he needed was someone who would appreciate his enthusiasm for life. Fast forward to today, not only is he living the dream in his forever home, he has also come a long way in terms of his personality.

“Rudy is a totally different dog from 3 months ago. He is loving life and has gained a healthy 12 pounds. He loves car rides and does not inhale his food like he used to. He still has his fun energy which I love, but has become trained enough where he can go on walks with us without a leash near our home and will come back when called. We are still in the process of learning a few things, but we’re both learning from each other and it’s a work in progress! ????