Last summer, Carla and Jim lost their beloved 15-year-old dog. While they grieved for their loss, they realized they missed the presence of a dog around the house. They spent the next few months searching for one who would be a good match for them, but they were not finding the right connection with dogs they met. They had nearly given up hope, when they saw a picture of Mia. “She reminded us so much of the dog we had lost,” says Carla. She and Jim scheduled an appointment and came to see Mia the next day. “When we got there, she went right to my husband – it was an ah-hah moment! We knew she was the one.”   

12-year-old Mia had arrived at NCAL after not being able to follow her previous owner as they transitioned into assisted living. She did not have to wait long before being matched with her new forever family though. Mia went home on February 26th, just a few days after she arrived.

This gentle, friendly senior has now found the perfect place to live the rest of her days. Mia has quickly settled into her new home – a peaceful setting where she has constant companionship. Carla and Jim feel like they have had Mia for years. Carla reflects, “You can never truly replace a dog, but Mia has made such a difference. She is already the love of our life.”

Mia is an attentive friend who watches over Jim throughout the day. During a time when Jim is managing some medical issues, he finds Mia’s presence therapeutic. They spend many hours together holding hands/paws. Mia eagerly offers her paw to hold, or head to pet, and stays close by. She receives endless affection and attention in return. In addition to snuggling, Mia enjoys her daily walks with Carla, exploring the outdoors and delighting in the sunshine and snow.

“Sweet Mia came into our lives at a much needed time. We are happy to give her a wonderful home and grateful to NCAL for bringing us together.”

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