Skip and his brother Ben sadly arrived at NCAL last month after their owner passed. This left both of them heartbroken, confused and displaced. But we noticed how they both lit up when they were off leash in our fenced-in area. Their hound ears and lanky torsos would take flight while they frolicked around! They’ve both been adopted since and get to do that daily with with their forever families who adore them!

This is an update from Skip’s owner. In just a few short weeks, his heart has healed and he is a happy boy:

“We would like to say that Skip has settled in and doing GREAT! We are so happy and blessed to have him and it’s been rewarding to see how far he has come already! He is SUCH a love-bug now that he seems to have realized that this is home, we are excited to see what the future will bring. THANK YOU all at NCAL for bringing this gentle giant into our lives and for all that you do to help animals like him!”